Right of Privacy - Teaching Staff Members

Policy 3324
The Board of Education will provide facilities and school district-owned property to assist staff members in their job responsibilities or for the staff members’ convenience. These facilities or district-owned property may include, but are not limited to, an office, a storage closet, a filing cabinet, a locker, and/or a desk. The Principal or designee may provide a staff member with exclusive use and access to such facilities or school district-owned property or may require the facility or school district-owned property be shared with other staff members. The staff member may be provided a lock or key by the school district or may secure the facility or school district-owned property using their own locking device with permission from the Principal or designee.
School staff members should be aware their expectation of privacy in these facilities and/or the school district-owned property provided by the Board of Education is reduced by virtue of actual office practices and procedures, for searches conducted pursuant to an investigation of work-related employee misconduct, or by legitimate school district policies or regulations. In addition, staff members shall have a reduced expectation of privacy in these facilities and school district-owned property if there is reasonable suspicion the staff member is violating a law or school policy. School staff members shall be on notice this reduced expectation of privacy may result in such facilities and/or school district-owned property being searched without a search warrant. In order to avoid exposing personal belongings to such a search, school staff members are discouraged from storing personal papers and effects in these facilities or school district-owned property.
Adopted: 11/25/2012