Portable Radio Use and Assignment Policy for District Employees


1.1       Most full time employees are assigned use of portable radios as an important means of communication during their work shift. Staff is expected to use their radios appropriately as part of their daily work duties and maintain their radios to ensure good working conditions.  Reason for Policy Communication radios are provided for employees to use for appropriate and efficient communication within Facilities Management.


2.1 Radios need to be worn and turned on at the beginning of each work day, and used in accordance to FCC regulations.

2.2 Radios are to remain in your building when not on duty.

2.3 Radios are to be maintained as outlined in the Procedures.


3.1       Turn the radio on – this also controls the volume so you can adjust it accordingly.

3.2       Always keep the channel set as directed by your school principal or supervisor.

3.3       Before speaking, listen to determine if the radio is currently in use by another user.

3.4       If channel is clear, press the side button and hold it while talking.

3.5       Release the button when finished talking so you can hear the response.

3.6       Always have your radio turned on and with you while working.


4.1       Understand all radios are FCC-regulated and can be heard throughout school district.

4.2       Use the portables for work related conversation only. Non-work related radio use such as casual conversations, profanity, inappropriate remarks, and outbursts of music is prohibited and violators are subject to disciplinary measures.

4.3       Restrict all transmissions to the minimum necessary to get the message across. When possible, use the telephone for lengthy communications.

4.4       Use your assigned radio number or name, known as your call sign.

4.5       Interrupt an in-progress transmission only in case of an emergency.


5.1       The employee is responsible for taking reasonable care of assigned radio to ensure they are not damaged, lost, or stolen.

5.2       In case of loss, the employee may be responsible for the replacement of the radio.


6.1       I agree that the assigned radio at all times remains the property of the Union City Board of Education and provided to me for communication in performance of my duties.

6.2       I will do my part to keep the radio in good working order and will notify the Union City Board of Education immediately of any defect or malfunction.

6.3       I will use the assigned radio lawfully and in accordance with the use policy.

6.4       I will not sell, assign, transfer, or otherwise dispose of the assigned radio.

6.5       In the event that I discontinue my employment with the Union City Board of Education, or if my job description changes in such a way that I am no longer eligible for a radio assignment, I will return the assigned radio to the Union City Board of Education in good working order, on or before my last day of employment or reassignment.

6.6       I will take good care of the radio assignment at all times and I will not leave the radio unattended or unsecured in a public place.

6.7       If the radio is lost, stolen, or damaged, I will contact the Union City Board of Education as soon as possible.

Portable Radio Use Policy and Assignment Agreement Form

I confirm that I have read and fully understand the Portable Radio Use and Assignment Policy and Agreement Form. I also agree to the related Terms and Conditions of Use and am willing to receive a radio assignment subject to those Terms and Conditions.

By signing this Portable Radio Use and Assignment Agreement Form, I agree to the terms and conditions and accept the radio.



Adopted: 26 March 2015

*This Portion to be filled out by Employee Receiving Portable Radio Assignment



Radio Model:                                                               

Serial Number:                                                               

Radio ID:                                                                     

UCTAG Number:                                                             


Employee Name:                                                                 

Employee Signature:                                                             

School Assignment:                                                             

*This Portion to be filled out by Administrator Assigning Portable Radio and verifying above Information