The Board of Education encourages teaching staff members to make judicious use of appropriate printed materials, sound recording, televised programs, and computer software in the curriculum but recognizes that federal law, applicable to public school districts, protects the originators of those materials from the unauthorized use of their copyrighted works.  The Board expressly forbids the use of school equipment for the illegal reproduction of copyrighted materials. 

In order to define the fair and reasonable use that teaching staff members may make of copyrighted works for educational purposes without the permission of the copyright owner and to reduce the risk of copyright infringement, the Board directs the Superintendent to promulgate regulations regarding the copying and distribution of copyrighted materials for instructional purposes. 

Computer software may be reproduced only for archival purposes or when copying is an essential step in the utilization of the program.  Computer software should be purchased in sufficient quantity to permit its classroom use without simultaneous loading.  Where appropriate, the Superintendent shall seek a licensing agreement with the software publisher that permits the reproduction of software, the simultaneous use of software, and the purchase of multiple copies of software at discount prices. 

Pupils and staff members shall be instructed that copyright infringement is a form of theft.  A pupil or staff member who reproduces or uses copyrighted material in violation of this policy will be subject to discipline.


17 U.S.C. 101 et seq. 

Adopted:  26 July 2005