Recruitment by Special Interest Groups (M)

P 9713
The Board of Education prohibits recruitment activities by outside organizations on school premises, regardless of the purpose of the recruitment or the nature of the recruitment agency. Except as required and referenced below no information about individual students will be released for the purpose of approaching students for educational, occupational, military, or any other recruitment purpose.
However, a school district that receives funds under ESEA, on request from a military recruiter or an institution of higher education, must provide access to the names, addresses, and telephone listings of each secondary student served by the Board of Education. Parents and/or adult students may submit a written request to the Superintendent or designee to opt out of the disclosure of such information for the student in which case the information will not be released without the parent’s or adult student’s written consent.
Parent(s) of secondary students and adult students shall be informed annually in writing of their right to request a secondary student’s excusal from participation in all recruitment activities and/or from having their child’s name, address, and/or telephone listing provided to a military recruiter, an institution of higher education, or a prospective
The district will give military recruiters the same right of access to secondary students as generally provide to post-secondary institutions and prospective employers.
Representatives of bona fide educational institutions, occupational agencies, and the United States Armed Forces may recruit students on school premises by participation in assembly programs, career day activities, and the like and by distributing literature. Permission to recruit on school premises must be requested in writing at least forty-five
working days before the planned activity and must be approved in advance by the Superintendent or designee. The Superintendent or designee shall not favor one recruiter over another, but shall not approve an activity that, in the judgment of the Superintendent or designee, carries a substantial likelihood of disrupting the educational program of the school or school district.
Nothing in this Policy shall be construed as requiring the Board to approve or participate in an activity that appears to advance or inhibit any particular religious sect or religion generally.
N.J.S.A. 18A:36-19.1
Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 – §8528
Revised: 25 February 2021