School District Provided Technology Devices to Staff Members

Policy 7522
The Board of Education may provide technology devices to staff members for the express purpose of enhancing productivity and improving operational efficiency. The purpose of this Policy is to establish general guidelines for the issuance and utilization of any school district technology device provided to staff members. For the purposes of this Policy, "technology device" or "device" shall include, but not be limited to, portable devices such as computers, laptops, tablets, cellular telephones, or any other computing or electronic devices the school district provides to staff members to be used in their school business related responsibilities.
A technology device provided by the school district to a staff member may include preloaded software. A staff member shall not download additional software onto the technology device or tamper with software included on the technology device. Only school district authorized staff members may load or download software onto a school district provided technology device. A staff member(s) will be designated to administer and implement the issuance of school district technology devices to staff members.
In the event the Board of Education provides a technology device to a staff member, the staff member shall be required to sign an agreement with the Board of Education requiring the staff member to comply with certain provisions. These provisions may include, but are not limited to:
1. A technology device provided to a staff member shall be used for the sole and express purpose of conducting official school district business;
2. Use of all such devices is subject to the school district’s acceptable use of technology policies and any other Board policies regarding appropriate and acceptable conduct by a staff member;
3. All technology devices are considered the personal property of the Board of Education and shall be returned upon termination of employment with the school district or immediately upon request by the Superintendent of Schools or designee;
4. Technology devices provided by the school district to staff members may include the school district's software image and pre-loaded software for specific tasks. The installation of other software images or software on such technology devices may only be done by school district authorized staff members;
5. Staff members that are provided technology devices are expected to take all appropriate measures and precautions to prevent the loss, theft, damage, and/or unauthorized use of such technology devices. These appropriate measures and precautions for school district provided technology devices to staff members shall include, but are not limited to, the following:
a. Keep the technology device in a locked and secured environment when not being used;
b. Do not leave the technology device in a vehicle for prolonged periods of time, especially in extreme temperatures;
c. Keep food and drinks away from all technology devices and work areas;
d. Prohibit the use of any technology device by any other person except as authorized by the Superintendent or designee;
e. Do not leave the technology device unattended at any time in an unsecured location (e.g., an unlocked empty classroom or office); and
f. Keep the technology device in sight at all times while in public places, such as public transportation, airports, restaurants, etc.
6. Should the staff member have reason to believe the technology device may have been stolen, the staff member must:
a. Immediately report the incident to his/her immediate supervisor;
b. File an official police report documenting the theft; and
c. Provide a copy of the police report to his/her immediate supervisor.
If a staff member fails to adhere to these procedures, the staff member will be held legally and financially responsible for the replacement of such technology device. A staff member may be financially responsible for the loss or damage of a technology device;
 7. A staff member must contact the district designated staff member in the event the technology device is not functioning properly or for repairs and/or required maintenance;
8. The Board of Education is under no legal, financial, or other obligation to provide a replacement technology device to any employee whose device is lost, stolen, or damaged;
9. Any technology device provided to a staff member is the property of the Board of Education. As such, the staff member shall have no expectation of privacy in the use of such device. The technology device may have security settings, monitoring or auditing software, tracking technology, and any other software that could monitor the use of the technology device;
10. The staff member(s) designated to administer and implement the issuance of technology devices to staff members shall:
a. Maintain direct oversight of the inventory of devices, service contracts, agreements, and internal controls for all school district provided technology devices provided to staff members; and
b. Ensure compliance with regulatory policies and procedures as applicable.
11. Any violation of Board of Education policies or procedures including, but not limited to, school district provided technology devices to staff members; acceptable use of computer networks, computers, and resources; and/or inappropriate staff conduct may result in appropriate disciplinary action.
A copy of this Policy shall be attached to the agreement that shall be signed by any staff member who receives a technology device in accordance with the provisions of this Policy.
Adopted: 24 October 2013