Student Identification Cards


The Board of Education recognizes school building security measures are important for the safety and welfare of all students, staff, parents and community members in school buildings. In recognizing this important responsibility, the Board requires all middle school, freshman academy and high school students to carry school district issued identification cards at all times while in school. All students must wear their school provided ID badge at all times.  The ID must be visible and worn around the neck using a breakaway lanyard. The school has provided breakaway lanyards to all students.


Students will also have to display their ID’s when attending all after school functions, for admission to school-related activities, for library/media services including library book periodical or other resource check-out, for entrance to standardized testing, SATs and other testing programs administered on school district property, for transportation services offered by the District including the use of activity buses, and any other purposes or activities as determined by the Superintendent, Building Principal or their designees. Students will not be admitted to athletic events, school plays, talent shows, etc., without displaying their ID’s. 


A student must present the ID card to any school staff member upon request.


If a student misplaces their badge or leaves it at home, it is the responsibility of the student to obtain either a new badge or a temporary ID card, through the Attendance Office.


Students who fail to have the card in their possession or to produce it when asked to do so may be disciplined as follows:


1st offense:     Verbal Warning  

2nd offense:    Verbal Warning/Parent Phone Notification

3rd offense:     Loss of privileges (going to school’s events-games)

4th offense:     Detention


Students found intentionally damaging their ID’s by either cutting, bending, or altering it, will be required to replace their ID immediately and the above sanctions will be applied. 


Adopted:  26 July 2005

Revised:  28 January 2016