NCLB Compliance Statement

NCLB Compliance Statement

The No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act of 2001 reauthorized the federal legislation to continue to provide a variety of programs, materials and services to children and teachers.

Union City’s commitment and goal is to provide each and every student with every opportunity possible to obtain a high-quality education. Consistent with our educational philosophy, the goals of the NCLB stress:

Expansion of community learning centers
Increased programs for before and after school, as well as summer recess
Recruitment of high quality teachers
Improve the Academic Achievement of all students
Attainment of the Core Curriculum Content Standards
Continued promotion of technology literacy and protecting our children from unsuitable Internet connection
Promotion of safe and drug-free schools

A major focus of the district is to support early language and literacy which begins with pre-reading development of pre-school age children and continues with the five dimensions in early reading into the primary grades.

NCLB requires districts to teach grade-level standards, use the most effective methods and instructional strategies for teaching students, and assess their progress each year. A school’s progress is determined based on school report cards and statewide assessments.

Schools that do not make adequate yearly progress on state tests will be provided with technical assistance and strategies to strengthen instruction and address ways of improving student progress. The district’s efforts will be part of the Reading First Program in Grades K-3 as part of an instructional strategy.

Parents will also be given the opportunity to transfer their child to one of the new facilities the district has available.