Program for Pregnant Pupils


No pupil, married or unmarried, who is otherwise eligible for enrollment in this district will be denied an educational program because of pregnancy, childbirth, pregnancy-related disabilities, or actual or potential parenthood.


The Board of Education reserves the right to require as a prerequisite for participation in the regular instructional program and in the co-curricular program that a pregnant pupil present to the school Principal her physician’s written statement that such participation will not be injurious to her health or jeopardize her pregnancy. 

The Superintendent shall develop a program of special instruction in health and nutrition and shall direct appropriate teaching staff members to counsel the pregnant pupil, to assist her in securing necessary medical services, to cooperate with community resources on her behalf, and to encourage her toward the completion of an appropriate educational program. 

A pregnant pupil who does not wish to attend regular classes or is physically unable to do so during her pregnancy may, with her consent, be assigned to an alternate instructional program which may include home instruction or a program offered by another school district or institution.

The parent(s) or legal guardian(s) of a pregnant pupil under eighteen years of age shall be notified of any change in the pupil’s regular educational program.

A pupil who has received an alternate instructional program for reasons associated with pregnancy shall be readmitted to the regular program upon her request and the written statement of her physician that she is physically fit for attendance.

N.J.A.C.          6A:7-1.7 

Adopted:  26 July 2005