Home Instruction Due to Health Condition

Policy 2412
The Board of Education shall provide instructional services to an enrolled student, whether a general education student in Kindergarten through grade twelve or special education student age three to twenty-one, when the student is confined to the home or another out-of-school setting due to a temporary or chronic health condition or a need for treatment that precludes participation in their usual education setting, whether general or special education.
A parent’s request for home instruction shall include a written determination from the student’s physician documenting the projected need for confinement at the student’s residence or other treatment setting for more than ten consecutive school days or twenty cumulative school days during the school year. The written determination from the student’s physician shall be forwarded to the school physician, who shall either verify the need for home instruction or provide reasons for denial. The parent shall be notified concerning the school physician’s verification or reasons for denial within five school days after receipt of the written determination by the student’s physician.
The school district shall be responsible for the costs of providing instruction in the home or out-of-school setting either directly, or through online services, including any needed equipment, or through contract with another district Board of Education, Educational Services Commission, Jointure Commission, or approved clinic or agency. The school district shall provide instructional services within five school days after receipt of the school physician’s verification or, if verification is made prior to the student’s confinement, during the first week of the student’s confinement to the home or out-of school setting.
The home or out-of-school instruction shall meet the minimum standards as required in N.J.A.C. 6A:16-10.1(c). The school district shall establish a written plan for delivery of instruction and maintain a record of delivery of instructional services and student progress. The teacher providing instruction shall be a certified teacher. The teacher shall provide instruction for the number of days and length of time sufficient to continue the student’s academic progress and dependent upon the student’s ability to participate.
For a student with disabilities, the home instruction shall be consistent with the student’s Individualized Education Plan (IEP) to the extent appropriate, and shall meet the Core Curriculum Content Standards. When the provision for home instruction for a student with disabilities will exceed thirty consecutive school days in a school year, the IEP team shall convene a meeting to review and, if appropriate, revise the student’s IEP. 
For a student without disability, the home instruction shall meet the Core Curriculum Content Standards, and the requirements of the Board for promotion to the next grade level. When the provision for home instruction for a student without disability will exceed sixty calendar days, the school physician shall refer the student to the Child Study Team for evaluation, pursuant to N.J.A.C. 6A:14.
The Board reserves the right to withhold home instruction when the reason for the student’s confinement is such as to expose a teacher to a health hazard or dangerous home situation; when a parent or other adult twenty-one years of age or older, who has been designated by the parent, is not present during the hours of instruction; or when the condition of the student is such as to preclude benefit from such instruction.
Students on home instruction will be accounted for on the attendance register as required by the Department of Education. The name of a student on home instruction will not be released at a public Board meeting or placed in a public record.
N.J.S.A. 18A:38-1 through 18A:38-25
N.J.A.C. 6A:14-4.8; 6A:14-4.9; 6A:16-10.1
Adopted: 26 July 2005
Revised: 15 February 2007
Revised: 28 August 2014