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Planning for Your Future

Your Future is Important to Us
Whether you decide to pursue higher education or a career upon graduation, we have tools to help you succeed.

It’s never too early to start preparing!


High School Graduation Requirements
The requirements for graduation are listed in the High School Graduation Requirements section of this website.


College Planning - College Fair
Representatives from various universities and colleges expose students to the opportunities available for higher education. The institutions of higher education typically come from the tri-state area and give our students the opportunity to learn about the benefits of attendance, their academic expectations and admission processes, the extra-curricular offerings, sports programs, and more.

We encourage Union City juniors and seniors to attend.


College Planning - Application Timeline
The earlier you start planning, the easier it will be to get what you want. Following is a timeline on the road to college...

8th & 9th Grade
You can start now! Learn good study habits, stay on top of your grades, take challenging classes, and get involved in activities and athletics you love. Try to get to know some of your teachers and advisors. By the time you need letters of recommendation, it’s a little late to ask someone who doesn’t know you.

10th & 11th Grade
Begin to research colleges. Ask around for information. Choose which factors (size, location, majors, etc.) are most important to you, and compare schools with those qualities. Try to visit some colleges. Ask your teachers and guidance counselor for suggestions. Take the PSAT now and take any achievement tests right after you complete the class in school.

11th & 12th Grade
Choose 3-6 schools to apply to. Be sure to choose at least one school that will be very easy to get into, one or more in the middle range and at least one that is a reach for you. Find out how to apply. Request copies of their applications, or see if you can apply online. Take the SAT more than once to get used to it and get the best possible scores.

12th Grade (Fall)
Pay attention to deadlines. Applications that are due earlier should be the first you fill out. Be sure to take the SAT in time. Request letters of recommendation, and have your high school sent transcripts and test scores to each college you applied to.

12th Grade (Winter)
Don’t wait for deadlines, send in your applications as soon as they are ready. Double-check that you filled out every line and included the correct essays on each application. Check for mistakes and keep a copy for your records. Also be sure to start financial aid applications early so your family can get copies the required paperwork.

12th Grade (Spring)
Start hearing from colleges with fall and winter deadlines, continue applying to ones with spring deadlines, and start making up your mind. Don’t slack off in school, because your second semester grades could be used to make a final decision about you.


Career Counseling
Guidance counselors are available at each high school to help our students better understand their personal strengths and the opportunities available to them in business. These counselors are available throughout the year.


Career Day
Career Day is designed to expose students to various careers and industries through active participation in presentations and workshops.

These presentations are conducted by representatives from both the public and non-public business sectors. The students have the opportunity to ask questions and learn more about the job responsibilities, demands and benefits.


Recognition Programs
The State of New Jersey, Union City and Hudson County sponsor student recognition programs that recognize, reward and celebrate the excellence demonstrated in our schools.

To learn more about your school’s, our district’s or the County’s student recognition programs, contact your guidance counselor.
New Jersey Department of Education Recognition Programs
The New Jersey Department of Education is committed to recognizing, rewarding and celebrating the excellence achieved by New Jersey’s schools, educators and students.

One way to encourage districts and educators to consider diverse and multiple paths to student achievement is to publicly honor and commend highly successful performance. The New Jersey Department of Education has many programs that recognize and support innovation in education.

List of Student Recognition Programs


Summer Programs
Use your summers wisely. You can have fun and make progress through a number of programs offered to Union City students.
Contact your school counselor for more information.