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Get Involved

Student Council

Student Council activities help students develop leadership skills and confidence in an educational setting. Participation helps students enhance their abilities to collaborate, discuss, and formulate plans of action to address issues and to assist others within their school and community.

To learn how you can participate in your school’s student council, contact your guidance counselor. Additional resources are available from the National Association of Student Councils.


Extra-curricular Activities

The Union City Board of Education and the Union City Recreation Department provide our citizens with a variety of Extracurricular Activities and Recreational Programs throughout the year.

Activities vary from school to school. School Directory


Community Activities

Get involved with planning, running or volunteering for an event or program. The Union City Board of Education belongs to the community. We believe that a happy, productive and safe community is the key to the well-being of all Union City residents.

Some of the many programs being offered include:
  • Annual Wellness & Environmental Fair 
  • Multi-Arts Festival
  • Multi-Cultural Assembly Project
  • Jose Marti Center for Cultural Education
  • JROTC Community Activities
  • Career Day: Spring
  • PTA/PTO and School Leadership Monthly Meetings
  • Back to School Night
  • College Fair: Fall
  • Student Council Community Activities
  • Family Math
For more Community Events: