Family Fun in Union City

Union City is a great place to raise a family.  Here are some places you and your family can enjoy.
For more information contact the Union City Recreation Department
Union City Public Library located at Jose Marti Freshman Academy
1800 Summit Ave
Union city Public Library located at 45th Street
324-43rd Street
Washington Park
Washington ParkPalisade and 2nd Ave.
11th St. Playground
11th street Park
565 11th St.
17th St. Playground
17th Street Playground
1701 West St.
Ellsworth Park
Elmsworth park
23rd New York Ave
24th St. Playground
24th Street Playground2316 Central Ave
Juan Pablo Duarte Park
Juan Pablo Duarte Park
33rd New York Ave
Columbia Park
Columbia park
307 45th Street
Spray Parks
Juan Pablo Duarte Park
Juan pablo duarte park
Michael Leggiero Music Spray Park
leggerio music water park
Union City Museum of Art
Union City Museum building
420 15th St.
Union City Performing Arts 
Union City Performing Arts Center
Union City Performing Arts Center
2500 Kennedy Blvd
Union City Art Scene
Union City Art Sculpture