Building Communities

Union City's enrollment is growing, and we’re not only keeping up with growth, we’re helping build communities for tomorrow. From the earliest planning stages, each new school construction project is designed with the community in mind. We build in community resources, such as the fields, library and health center at Jose Martí Freshman Academy, and we strive to minimize adverse impacts.

Building Community - and a Better Future for Our Children
The Union City Board of Education is building new schools so our children can be safe, healthy and productive at school. New schools mean a better place to learn. With modern, air-conditioned buildings we will have smaller classes, full-service cafeterias, well-equipped science, math, music, technology and arts classrooms and advanced, high-tech libraries. And by working with the city, we’re making the neighborhoods around the schools better, too.

New High School
In September 2009, a new state-of-the-art Union City High School was opened over Roosevelt Stadium to accommodate up to 1,700 students with many new amenities such as 66 classrooms, arts auditorium, media center and a parking garage. We can offer our students a much better learning environment by reducing school size and creating small learning communities that allow teachers to work more closely with our students.

New Middle Schools
We have extended the expansion of our schools to create two middle schools and one freshman academy. These plans converted Emerson and Union Hill in to middle schools. Jose Marti school became a state of the art freshman academy. An additional new middle school will be built on the 35th and 36th street parking lots. Most importantly, this plan will allow us to greatly reduce school enrollment in all of our schools ensuring that every student gets the special attention they deserve.