Building Communities

Our Community 
The Union City Board of Education belongs to the community. We believe that a happy, productive and safe community is the key to the well-being of all Union City residents.

Recognized across the nation as an urban leader with award-winning schools and high student test scores, Union City has the key to quality education. We have the key to building new schools and public libraries. We have the key to offer you free preschool, health screening, adult education or training for new jobs.

In this portion of the Union City Board of Education website, you will find valuable information that is KEY to helping you get educated, get childcare, get assistance, get involved, and just have fun.
Our Children
Union City's enrollment is growing, and we’re not only keeping up with growth, but we’re also helping build communities for tomorrow. From the earliest planning stages, each new school construction project is designed with the community in mind. We build in community resources, such as the fields, library, and health center at Jose Martí STEM Academy, and we strive to minimize adverse impacts.

A Better Future for Our Children
The Union City Board of Education is building new schools so our children can be safe, healthy and productive at school. New schools mean a better place to learn. With modern, air-conditioned buildings we will have smaller classes, full-service cafeterias, well-equipped science, math, music, technology and art classrooms, and advanced, high-tech libraries. And by working with the city, we’re making the neighborhoods around the schools better, too.

New Middle Schools
An additional new middle school will be built on the 35th and 36th street parking lots. Most importantly, this plan will allow us to greatly reduce school enrollment in all of our schools ensuring that every student gets the special attention they deserve.
Working With Community Partners
Three dozen Union City small businesses benefit from training, support and collaboration with our Early Childhood Education program. The program helps to educate, certify and license all of their teachers and aides. Master Teachers train, monitor, supervise, and support all 36 Community Providers.