The Union City Board of Education website includes a wealth of information valuable to our instructional and non-instructional staff. 

In this section, you will find information regarding our policies and procedures, academic programs, students, professional development, Human Resources (HR), staff services, tools and resources, how you can be recognized for your hard work, and how you can get assistance when you need it.
New Teacher Handbook coverNew Teacher Handbook
Included in the New Teacher Handbook is information regarding teacher responsibilities and guidelines, employee benefits, teacher contracts, payroll, pension, tuition reimbursement, tax planning, disability insurance, professional development, dress codes, field trip procedures, parking, key dates, behavior management, telephone systems, and the AESOP Absentee System.
Twice-monthly orientation and mentoring workshops are offered to all new Union City School District educational staff to provide support and increase retention. 

Through orientation, induction, and mentoring, this program provides new teachers with:

  • Effective classroom management procedures and routines
  • Effective instructional practices
  • Sensitivity to and understanding of the school community
  • Lifelong learning and professional growth
  • Unity and teamwork among the entire learning community
  • Reduced intensity of the transition into teaching
  • Increase retention of more highly qualified teachers
Induction Program
Beginning teacher induction improves teaching performance, increases retention, promotes personal and professional well-being, and transmits our District’s culture.
Mentoring Program
Participants are matched in one-on-one relationships between a beginning teacher—the protégé—and a trained veteran teacher, the mentor. Our mentoring program consists of a mentoring committee, mentor training, mentor-protégé partnership, and classroom observation.
Professional Development Guide
In this guide, you will find a school calendar, guidelines for professional development from the NJDOE, the six ways to obtaining your 100 hours, in-District course offerings, one-session days, professional development standards, members of the Board of Education, Administration and professional development committee, and important information about keeping track of your hours.
Substitute Teacher Handbook
Tools to succeed as a substitute in the Union City School District are included in this concise guide. From getting started to procedures, schedules, behavior management and even legal aspects of the job. This handbook provides a substitute teacher checklist, a school directory and instructions for the dial-in system.