Union City Programs

Union City offers a variety of programs to assist families.

Following is a list of some of our available programs:
  • Bilingual Education
  • Career Assistance
  • Child Care
  • Conflict Resolution for Parents/Guardians
  • Family Counseling
  • Health Screening
  • Immigration Issues
  • Gifted and Talented Education
  • Special Needs / Support Services
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Health Screening

Free health screening is available to residents of Union City.

Our Student Health Screening Services include:

Audiometric Screening
Pre-school / New Entrants: Performed by DMD on physical
Kindergarten through Grade 4
Grades 6, 8 and 10
CST referral

Vision Screening
Preschool / Kindergarten: Performed by DMD on physical
New entrants
CST referral
Grades 4, 8 and 10

Scoliosis Screening
All students between the ages of ten to eighteen
Grades 5, 7, 9 and 11

Hair Inspection
New entrants
All elementary grade level students

Height & Weight
New entrants
All elementary grade level students

Health Appraisal
New entrants
Grades 4, 8 and 10
CST referral
Participants in sports programs
Examination for working papers

Tuberculosis Screening
New entrant with no valid record of a TB test within 6 months
Grades 8 and 12
12-year-olds in Special Ed Classes
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Gifted and Talented Education
The district provides gifted and talented students the opportunity to enroll in our Gifted and Talented Education program. To learn more, click through the links below.
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Special Needs / Support Services

Union City holds the distinct honor of having the lowest classification rate among the Abbott Schools in the state of New Jersey. While the state classification average is 16% and the Abbott average is 18.1%, Union City continues to boast the lowest classification average.

This happened as a result of a district mandate to revamp all support services including special education, speech, guidance counseling, social counseling, psychiatric evaluations, OT/PT evaluations and therapy, Title I and Alternative Education, by bringing them under one umbrella.