Non-Instructional Employment

There are many opportunities within Union City for non-instructional positions. An employee is a non-instructional employee when his or her job description does not identify specific, regular instructional duties relating to students.

Typical non-instructional positions include: para-professional, security, custodial, clerical, and technical.
To learn more, contact the Human Resources department.
Chartwells USA handles our K-12 food services.
Chartwells School Dining Services is a schools food service management company and part of Compass Group North America. They provide food service to over 500 school districts in the United States, including Union City.  Chartwells is an innovative leader in the industry.

Chartwells has the experience and insight to provide carefully planned and well-balanced meals that appeal to the younger appetites. Making sure kids enjoy what they eat can do wonders for growing minds. It has been Chartwells commitment for decades to provide these customized solutions to help kids achieve at the highest levels.

To learn more about Chartwells employment opportunities, call 201-392-8291.