Our Mission

The Union City School District aims to achieve one central goal: to prepare our students to become productive, responsible global citizens of 21st-century society.  Doing so requires not only maintaining our commitment to superlative academic learning as one of the highest-achieving urban districts in the nation but contemporaneously instilling in our graduates both individual character values and societal values that will serve them for a lifetime and enable them to contribute meaningfully to their own communities and the world beyond.
To compete in today's global, information-based economy, students must be critical thinkers and effective communicators who are able to problem-solve and reason cogently.  To realize their fullest potential, they must remain lifelong learners; thus, we strive to cultivate in them a love of learning and a commitment to personal growth.  The district seeks to make our schools dynamic and democratic learning environments from which our students emerge as fully fluent users of new and emerging technologies.  Embedded in our approach to education is the concept of children, families, teachers, and community working together to facilitate and maximize the Union City School District's commitment to excellence.
Success for each individual and for the community as a whole is rooted in healthy self-esteem and respect for others.  Union City students will learn to embrace the core values of diversity, equity, and inclusion of all persons and communities, and to practice environmental awareness and social responsibility.  Our students are the next generation of world citizens and leaders, and we look forward to the challenge of teaching them to fulfill those roles with distinction.