2021 Accolades

  1. Princeton Prize For Distinguished Secondary School Teaching, Dr. Mina Armani

  2. NCSSS

  3. Governor STEM Scholars : Abigail Negron, Dahlia Diaz, Ramzi Saber, Johan Ayala, Galena Gomez

  4. International Science and Engineering Fair, Delegate,  Rebeca Fernando

  5. STEM Showcase Awards

    1. 6 gold medals: Ramzi Saber, Dahlia Diaz, Rebeca Fernando, Harshni Patel, Ashly Rivas, Zoe Weng

    2. 3 silver medals: Jennifer Salto, Ashela Fernando, Gabriella Banchon

    3. 2 bronze medals: Emily Soto, Sherlyn Saavedra

    4. Jersey City Medical Center Presidential Award : Ashly Rivas

    5. Stockholm Water Prize ($500) Harshni Patel, Jennifer Salto

    6. Physics and Earth Science Award : Ramzi Saber

    7. Winner of the Best Video : Ramzi Saber

  6. NY Times STEM Essay Competition Winner : Abigail Negron

  7. Girls in Technology Essay Contest, 1st place winner : Linda Flores

  8. Junior Science and Humanities Symposium, National Winner : Ramzi Saber

  9. Cecilia Esteban & Emily Soto are commended students in the 2022 Merit Scholarship Program. They demonstrated outstanding potential for academic success.

  10. Radiant Research Journal Art Cover Contest Winner : Yara Aguilar

  11. Radiant Research Symposium Humanitarian Award : Micki Zheng

  12. Radiant Research Symposium Covid-19 Application Award : Yara Aguilar

  13. Radiant Research Symposium Health and Medicine Award : Alyssa Navas

  14. Science Talent Search : Ramzi Saber, Galena Gomez, Kayleen Argueta

  15. NJ Academy of Science Symposium 2nd Place Award in Psychology : Sumaiya Tasnim

  16. National Consortium of Secondary STEM Schools Research Symposium Presenters : Dahlia Diaz, Ramzi Saber, Harshni Patel, Rebeca Fernando, Zoe Weng, Ashly Rivas, Ashela Fernando, Jennifer Salto.

  17. National Merit Scholars : Emily Soto, Cecilia Estaban

  18. Personal Essay & Memoir 

    1. Silver Medal : Stacy Aquino

    2. Honorable Mention : Mariana Garcia

  19. College Board Badge : Dr. Mina Armani

  20. Avon Women Empowerment Grant : Jennifer Donnelly