Congratulations to the Union City HS Students Who Won Top Awards at the American Chemical Society Research Poster Competition

Congratulations to Union City students who presented at the American Chemical Society Annual Research Posters Competition, sponsored by the North Jersey ACS that took place at Seton Hall University on September 17th. Our students did extremely well and captured the top prizes.


Gold Medals Winners are:

L. Garcia, P. Garcia, M. Hernandez, A. Marie Mejia, E. Urbina, A. Perrero, A. Hernandez, J. Perez, D. Blanco, M. Yanqui, E. Diaz, J. Ayala, J. Aguilar, M. Salgado, G. Alarcon, J. Aguilar, C. Egeraige, K. Grund, D. Ramos, R. Saber and  E. Urbina.


Silver Medals Winners are :

A. Guerrero, D. Diaz, V. Hernandez, R. Abreu, V. Gonzales, A. Tamayo, R. Handapangoda, C. Castillo, A. Gallardo, A. Gamboa and N. Shah. 


Bronze Medals Winners are :

V. Bonilla, W. Estrada, D. Felix, C. Marcelino, T. Martinez, F. Martinez, Y. Mendoza, S. Ordonez, P. Perez and A. Zuniga.


Top Prizes Winners are :

G. Alarcon, D. Blanco, A. Perrero. L. Garcia and P. Garcia received Perfect Scores.


This would not have been possible without the help of all the teachers and administrators.

Special thanks to Henry Sanchez, Ornella Sierra Torres, Mariana Vignoni, Jennifer Donnelly, Hosam Mansour, Amanda Smith, Dr. Mina Armani, Ndeye A. Diene Lack, Angela Ramirez, Alice Jarvis, Craig Lapierre and Gerardo Arias.


Very special thanks to Fred Hurtado and Dr. Judy Barrios for all the help they provided in tabulating the results.