UCHS Students Win Big at the Annual Regional North Jersey American Chemical Society Research Poster Competition

Union City High School/Academy for Enrichment and Advancement students had an outstanding performance at the Annual Regional North Jersey American Chemical Society Research Posters Competition that took place at Seton Hall University on Monday, September 26th.

Our students captured 3 of the 4 top awards


The students are:

A. Gonzalez
M. Sinning
A. Medrano

They each received $300


Recipients of the First Place Awards are :

E. Tumbaco, K.Castro, M. Banos, C. Chacho, T. Garcia, G. Guaman, A. Medrano, I. Moreta, S. Perez, P. Rajapakse, C. Sierra,  H. Velasquez, A. Gonzalez, J. Martinez, I. Ortega, B. Sanchez, M. Sinning, N. DeLeon, A. Hernandez  and J. Suarez. 


Recipients of Second Place Awards are :

G. Pena, J. .Perez, K. Mendoza, G. Lovera, K. Alvarez, V. Zapata, A. Yactayo, I. Quintanilla, M. Munoz, M. Moncayo, K. Hernandez, N. Martinez, A. Gordillo, J. Carvajal, K. Amador, A. Aguinaga.


Recipients of Third Place Awards are :

R. Amador, G. Cruz, J. Hernandez, K. Martinez, J. Mendoza, M. Ortiz, A. Ponce, and J. Perez.


The above students spent their summer doing research at Columbia University, Stevens Institute of Technology, NJCU, Fairleigh Dickinson University, Saint Peter’s University, NJIT, Montclair State University, Seton Hall University, Saint Barnabas Medical Center, Rutgers University Newark Campus, the Cancer Research Center in New Brunswick, Rutgers University School of Engineering and Rutgers School of Pharmacy. 


Thank you to the coaches who helped our students to achieve such great success, they are: Dr. J. Barrios, Mrs. A. Ramirez,  Ms. A. Smith, Ms. J. Moreno, Mrs. A. Melgar and Mr. P. Orbe.


I would like also to thank the teachers and administrators who volunteered their time to serve as judges and those who came to support our students: Dr. J. Barrios, Dr. M. Armani, Mr. H. Mansour, Mr. K. Dardir, Mr. E. Amar, Mrs. A. Amar, Ms. J. Ramos, Mr. S. Yoselevich, Mr. H. Sanchez, Mr. P. Orbe, Mrs. N. Chapman, Mr. F. Hurtado, Ms. O. Sierra, Mrs. A. Melgar and Mrs. J. Vanderhorst.