JMSA Wellness Week

At JMSA, we support our students both academically as well as socially and emotionally.  Now more than ever, our students are facing challenges both in and out of the classroom.  Research shows that academic success hinges on mental and emotional well-being which is why we have created a Wellness Week at JMSA to incorporate these important aspects of student wellness in the classroom. This Wellness Week, which will take place from December 13-17, is devoted to creating awareness about the importance of mental wellbeing and how we can help ourselves both mentally and physically.
During each day that week, we will be having an Extended Homeroom with a daily theme and corresponding activities to promote strategies and techniques to support wellness. 
As part of this initiative, we will be administering a "Brain Break" for students which allows them to participate in daily learning WITHOUT assigned homework or scheduled assessments (this also means, NO DUE DATES).
We hope that this Wellness Week will provide both students and staff with valuable resources to maintain a healthy physical and mental well-being!