1. Please observe the staggered drop-off and dismissal times as instructed by your child’s school.  Please do not show up early without prior notice to the school principal.  When students do not adhere to the scheduled drop-off times, as happened this morning, the overflow creates a bottleneck, thereby delaying everyone’s admittance to the building. 
  2. When dropping off children, parents/guardians should not enter the school grounds.  We know that it can be challenging, especially with very young children, but please drop off your child and leave promptly, so that the entry line can keep moving. 
  3. Going forward, student health surveys will be submitted weekly, rather than daily.  Please notify your child’s school immediately if there is any change during the time between weekly health surveys. 
  4. If a student travels out of the tri-state area (i.e., anywhere other than New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, or Delaware), the student will be required to take a PCR COVID-19 test three to five days after traveling.  If the result is negative, the student will be required to quarantine for seven days (including the three to five days before the test).  If no test is available, the student will be required to quarantine for ten days.
Your help in this process is critical and very much appreciated.  Please be cognizant that we will begin the early drop-off for breakfast next week for working parents.  Once again, thank you for all your patience.