Union City Student Ramzi S. Discovers an Exoplanet in Space

Jose Marti STEM Academy has it's very own Whiz Kid, Ramzi S.  This galactic 16-year-old discovered an exoplanet while he was in Time Square thanks to the bright lights of the city.  This planet that is 113 light-years away is in the process of being recognized by NASA. 
Ramzi has spent two years on this project which has proven fruitful in the various awards he has won as a result.  He has had the help of researchers from MIT who shared information with him and he's attended the Seton Hall University Astronomy Camp for High Schoolers.  These experiences have allowed him to use professional quality telescopes and to be guided by Astronomy expert Jose Lopez who has worked with NASA. 
Congratulations Ramzi, In the words of Buzz Lightyear "To Infinity and Beyond"