Teacher And Parent At Henry Hudson School Make The Holidays Even More Joyous Through Their Acts Of Kindness

Remembering those most in need is making the holiday season at Henry Hudson School a little more joyous, thanks in large part to the efforts of a teacher and a parent.

 As part of the District’s and the City’s annual Coat Drive, a teacher at Henry Hudson who wishes to remain anonymous and her husband have purchased and donated 100 new coats for needy children in Union City.

 At the same time, a parent has donated 30 woolen scarves and 30 woolen hats at Henry Hudson that she knitted over a three-month period.

 Although many people have told the parent, Rebecca Ortiz, that she should sell her creations, she sees it differently.  “I see it as God gives to those who give,” she explains.

 The annual Coat Drive will continue through January 10, 2020.