Emerson Middle School Students Celebrate Hispanic Contribution and Service To Our Great Nation

Emerson Middle School's 2019 Hispanic Heritage Month celebration culminated with poetry, songs, and student exhibitions about the myriad of Hispanic contributions and service to the United States. 
Some students proudly wore their cultural attire and held their flags proudly.  The students gathered in the cafeteria amongst their teachers, classmates, and Emerson Administration to acknowledge their rich cultural history and diversity.  
Mrs. Rojas, Bilingual At-Risk Leader, proudly began the event with this poignant opening, "Latinos are and have been part of our nation since 1565, which is 55 years BEFORE the Mayflower, a history that is often overlooked or forgotten, but that can not be undone or erased.  Hispanics continue to enrich and contribute to our nation in every way possible.  It is our intention to shed light on this legacy and to expose it as much as possible during our celebration of the Hispanic Heritage Month here at Emerson Middle School. Our mission is to make our students proud to be Americans, and knowledgeable and proud of their roots and the legacy they have inherited and upon which they will build their own future and make their own contributions to the United States of America: our nation."  
We all Shine Poster Display of the students            Mrs. Ramirez and Mrs. Camacho with several students wearing their folk attire     
Dean Valera with three dominican students    students in the cafeteria listening to Mrs. Rojas reading a poem
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