Congratulations to the Winners of the Periodic Table: Design an Element

Congratulations to all the students in the organic class for winning the "Periodic Table: Design an Element" contest sponsored by the American Chemical Society in commemoration of the 150th anniversary of the Periodic Table. Our students designed the element "cobalt." There were eleven winners, but JMSA students were the only ones from a high school. The others are all college/university students. Students, teachers, and administrators attended the unveiling ceremony and received the award for "Outstanding Design." They also had the opportunity to speak with James Wunne from IBM, the inventor of LASIK. The gigantic 3D periodic table was unveiled on Friday and will be displayed at the NY Hall of Science, where it will remain for posterity.
Special thanks to teachers Ms. Patel (organic chemistry), Mr. Hashemi (art), and Ms. Donnelly (scientific research), and to Ms. Makar, STEM supervisor, for guiding the students.
Mr. Hashemi receiving award from contest judges      Mr. Sanchez and Mrs. Makar with judges