UHMS Participates in the Week of Respect

The first week of October is set aside for the Week of Respect statewide.  Union Hill Middle School decided this year to "Be A Star" as their theme.  This year the school's class discussions during advisory period centered on the topic.  The students created anti-bullying posters, pledges and had great fun decorating their homeroom doors.  
Week of Respect Theme poster           what defines bullying - student created poster
UHMS was also visited by OMEGAMAN, who shared his story of being bullied as a child.  He recounted how he turned this negative experience and developed a strong confidence in himself.  He now shares what he's learned with students so they can be strong like him. 
Omegaman with teacher and coach garcia     omegaman with a female student

Door Winners:

1st Place, HR 203: Being an upstander can change someone’s life

2nd Place, HR 300: Donut bully - Every sprinkle counts Do Nut be a bully, sprinkle good thoughts door decor

3rd Place, HR 305: Throw Kindness around like confetti

Honorable Mention:
--HR 209: Fill the Pumpkin with Sweet Treats
--HR 310: Kill them with Kindness
--HR 308: Real Heroes don’t Wear Capes

Best overall: HR 120: iPhone 11 Anti-bullying model

Anti-Bullying Pledge Winners: HR 111

Poster Winners:

Meyer E. from HR 311,

Sherly N. HR 111,

Geriel M. HR 306