Congratulations to All the Students Who Participated in the UC Forensic Tournament

Congratulations to Sara M. Gilmore Academy, Colin Powell School, Emerson Middle School, and St. Francis Academy for their participation this past weekend in the Union City Forensic Tournament.
Thank you to the coaches - Robert Spat, Gail Reed, Isabel Coronel, Ellen Cifarelli, Maryann Wilson, Rosa Favuzzi, and Michelle Giallombardo - for all your hard work and dedication in preparing the over 120 students who participated in this event. 
A special thank you to the Principals - Christopher Albiez, Teresita Diaz, Eliseo Aleman, and Deborah Savage - for your support of the students and these programs.  Public Speaking is such a critical skill for the future workplace and it is wonderful to see that you embrace this initiative by cultivating confident and poised public speakers.
Results of the Junior Varsity Tournament.
1st Place Team - Sara Gilmore Academy
2nd Place Team - Colin Powell School
3rd Place Team - St. Francis Academy
JV Duo Interpretation
1st Place - Jacob R. and Gabriella D. - SGA
2nd Place - Jason B. and Jeffrey V. - SGA
3rd Place - Ethan C. and Maureen H. - SFA
JV Dramatic Interpretation
1st Place - Giddiany M.L. - CPS
2nd Place - Sophia T. - SFA
2nd Place - Lucas H. - SFA
2nd Place - Emma G. - CPS
2nd Place - Rachel S. - CPS
1st Place - Naiyah B. - SGA
2nd Place - Rebecca H. - CPS
3rd Place - Joseph R. - SGA
Oral Interpretation
1st Place - Lehansa M. - SGA
2nd Place - Sienna T. - EMS
3rd Place - Samahdi S.
Original Oratory
1st Place - Joseph B. - SFA
2nd Place - Valerie D. - SGA
3rd Place - Adriana M. - SGA
The following are the results of the Varsity Tournament.
1st Place Team - Sara Gilmore Academy
2nd Place Team - St. Francis Academy
3rd Place Team - Emerson Middle School
Dramatic Interpretation
1st Place - Manuel P. - SGA
2nd Place - Treston T. - SGA
3rd Place - Bethany A.- SFA
Finalist - Aylin A. - EMS
Finalist - Ericka E.- SGA
Finalist - Natalie V. - EMS
1st Place - Isabel D. - SFA
2nd Place - Janna L. - SFA
3rd Place Tie - Ellie S. - SFA 
3rd Place Tie - Ashela F. - SGA
Finalist  - Sophia D.R.- SFA
Duo Interpretation
1st Place - Melany M. and Ryan L. - SGA
2nd Place - Andres R. and Noah B. - SFA
3rd Place - Ryan P.and Danny V. - SGA
Oral Interpretation
1st Place - Araceli B. - SGA
2nd Place - Daphne S. - SGA
3rd Place - Carina P. - SGA
Finalist - Belen V. - EMS
Finalist - Aarav P. - SFA
Finalist - Caelyn G. - SGA
Original Oratory
1st Place - Alexander P. - SGA
2nd Place Tie - Greta P. - SGA
2nd Place Tie - Jaelyn V. - EMS
Finalist - Ashley C. - EMS
Finalist - Charles B. - SFA
Finalist - Carla I. - EMS
Finalist - Rachel T. - EMS