District Wide Students Take Part in "Discover, Aspire, Lead, and Explore" in Their Native Language, Spanish

D.A.L.E. was created to extend opportunities for Bilingual Students to participate in Gifted and Talented programs in Union City.  The convocation encouraged students to work together to "Discover, Aspire, Lead, and Explore"  while creating solutions to real-world programs.  Expanding upon the practices in place at Sara M. Gilmore Academy, students from throughout the entire district had the opportunity to engage in rigorous, high-quality learning experiences in their native language, Spanish.  This critical thinking convocation brought students together from throughout the district so they could develop their reasoning abilities, through hands-on, relevant activities that build cognitive language skills.
students working on two laptops together with a teacher      multiple groups of children working together with teachers using laptops, designs, and sketches
four kids wearing DALE T-shirt presenting a adolescents and stress presentations      Superintendent Abbato addressing the students in the auditorium
The Convocation will be followed up in June with a book club meeting to discuss Carol Dwek's Mindsets, which students had the opportunity to read in Spanish.  We look forward to expanding this program next year to include Elementary and High School Students.