UCHS Junior State of America Goes to Washington

Congratulations to the Junior State of America (JSA) on another successful trip to Washington, DC over the Winter Break.  Under the guidance of Jeanne Baridon with the advisement from Sofia Karanikolos and Patrick Oriani.  Thirteen students represented various bills which before Congress in attempts to become a law.  Claudette Miranda and Awni Pimental were members of the House where they created a bill to make public works of art ineligible as evidence in a court of law.  Awni Pimental won BEST SPEAKER for this debate out of 1,200 students from all around the Union States, including Puerto Rico.
Claudet Miranda
Rachel Perez
REPRESENTATIVES:JSA team competing in Washington DC
Kevin Arango 
Giancarlos Castellon
Felix Castro
Erika Cerritos 
Destiny Correa
Devan Ramos
Diego Romero
Sebastian Subia
Justin Vasquez
Abigail Zambrano
Thank you to all the people who supported this amazing team and opportunity to once again represent Union City High School and Union City. 
boy with gavel in suit    girl presenting law
boy with gavel in suit