Employment Contract - Support Staff

Policy 4124
The Board of Education requires every nontenured support staff member annually sign an employment contract for a term of not more than one year. The employment contract shall include the date; name of the employee; the beginning and ending dates of service (fixed term appointment); the salary to be paid and the manner of payment; an authorization for salary deductions as applicable; and such other terms and conditions as may be necessary to a complete statement of the employment relationship.
The contract may include a provision for a probationary employment period with a provision providing the Board the right to terminate the employment of the nontenured support staff member at the completion of the probationary employment period. The contract will include a provision for the termination of the nontenured support staff member’s contract on _________ days notice duly given by either party.
In the event the salary entered on the written contract differs from that formally approved by the Board, the salary approved by the Board shall be the salary paid.
Adopted: 26 July 2005
Revised: October 24, 2013